..."to treat you like a guest in our Amigo's home."

I walked in and Mike greeted me with a warm smile. The hospitality was a differentiated welcome.
— Robert P. - Burbank, Ca.

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"As a guest in my home, you get the same advice as if it was my own home. You get the same honest info my mother gets (and I love my mother, Donna!)."-Mike C.

Meet our Expert, Mike Capone...

Amigo's-Latin ("friends")

We are your neighbor. We love seeing you at the grocery store, restaurant, the gas station.

Our Mission...

My personal mission is to help the decent people of this planet. That is my requirement, that you are a decent person. I will go to the edge of the earth with you and for you to help you if you are a decent human being. I value your business.

Background of the Management

My Upbringing

I am from Phoenix, Az. My hero was my Grandfather. My grandfather was in construction and did a lot of odd jobs, handyman stuff and once in a while, he would build a small house. I couldn't wait until the weekend or the summer to help him. Not because of the 50 cents per hour he would pay me, but because I wanted to help while at the same time, I wanted to learn. I learned to do things right the first time and that mistakes could be very costly.


My Carpet Beginning

I have been a professional musician since I was 17. One day, in 1983, Butch, the bass player in the band I had, asked me if I wanted to lay some carpet and I said yea. We went to work for Dale Corwin at the Carpet Train over on Sepulveda between Pico and Olympic. I picked it up really fast and soon I got my own tools and started to work on my own.

After Butch moved back to New Jersey, Dale would give me small jobs to test me and see how I would do. I was careful to do the job right the first time and the customers loved me. Eventually, Dale would give me jobs installing very expensive carpet for many celebrities. I was always so honored to be trusted at that level. I also learned how to install Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring.

Mr. Carpet

I had a carpet repair and carpet cleaning service called Mr. Carpet and this is when I learned first hand which types of carpet construction was good and which ones fell apart or just didn't look good soon after installation. I was shocked to learn that some carpet styles although very thick, dense styles and seemingly good quality are often made with cheap and poor quality yarns.

I learned that the key to a durable carpet that retains it's "like new" appearance the longest is in the quality of the yarns-Not the fiber, thickness or density. I also learned that many carpet cleaning techniques and systems can actually ruin a carpet.

I learned that the key to a durable carpet that retains it’s “like new” appearance the longest is in the quality of the yarns-Not the fiber, thickness or density.
— Mike C. Retired Installer/Repair Technician


I go out of my way to show respect and earn respect with everyone. Please show a little respect while in our home. We have expensive high end carpet and our customers expect the carpet that they purchase to look brand new. Please, no climbing on the carpet rolls or flooring displays. 

Everyone makes mistakes and I believe every decent person deserves a second chance. 


Service Dogs Welcome

Do you require a service dog because of disability? Welcome to Amigo's. Because of rampant availability to obtain fake, certificates, Id's etc, please be prepared to show recent documentation from your doctor showing that you have a disability that requires a service dog AND documentation to show that your dog has been trained to mitigate the disability.

Dogs (other than service dogs) may be physically carried  into Amigo's.

I have ZERO tolerance for the following:

  • Abusive, rude or disrespectful behavior.

Anyone who demonstrates unacceptable behavior may be warned nicely, and those who do not behave appropriately will be asked to go somewhere else. 

I am sorry if that sounds a little harsh, but I have other customers waiting for me who appreciate and respect me and what I do.

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