Berber Carpet

Berber Carpet Remnants and Rolls. Check out video starring consumer advocate, Alan Mendelson from the Best Buys TV show on KCAL Channel 9, and hear what he has to say about some of the Berber Carpet available at Amigo's Carpet & Flooring in north Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ca...

Berber Carpet History. The history of Berber Carpet dates back before 10,000 B.C. to the people of the Berber villages of Morocco in Northern Africa. The ancient craft of making a Berber Carpet  involved taking natural fibers of wool and spinning the wool into a thick yarn and they would use a technique to make a large knot. This process would be repeated until they achieved the desired size, shape and pattern of the Berber Carpet.

Traditional Berber Carpet is still being made today in the rural areas of Morocco by the Berber tribes and are made of wool. Many of these tribes sell their barber carpets  inn their local market or to tourists and is considered a primary source of income.

Modern Berber Carpet, considered a durable carpet, is available in a wide assortment of styles, patterns and colors including bold colors. More affordable than hand made carpet, today's Berber Carpet is mass produced using yarns made from the  traditional wool fibers as well as synthetic fibers such as Nylon, Olefin and Acrilic fibers.

Berber Carpet

  • Quality Berber Carpet will hold it's "like new" appearance longer.

  • Synthetic Berber carpets will be easy to keep clean.

  • Available in every style and color imaginable.

  • Amigo's has a huge selection of Berber Carpet in stock.

  • I will work with you and your budget.

I will educate you about the different styles of Berber Carpet and how you can expect to perform based on your situation, expected amount and type of foot traffic...

Mike spent lots of time asking great questions about what we needed from our carpeting and educating us on the options he had available.
— Pamela M. Woodland Hills, Ca

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