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  • Residential/Commercial
  • Restretch Wrinkled/Loose Carpet
  • Pet Damage Repaired
  • Holes Patched
  • Burns Repaired
  • Berber Carpet Repaired
  • Carpet Frayed at doorway or tile repaired
  • Padding Replaced
  • Carpeted Steps Repaired
Carpet Restretching

Retching a Residential Carpet in a bedroom.

Stretching a Carpet

Stretching a carpet.

Carpet Restretching Equipment 

Carpet Power Stretcher

Carpet Power Stretcher necessary to stretch a carpet properly.


Berber Carpet damaged.

Berber Carpet damaged.

Bleeched Damaged Carpet Repaired

Bleeched Damaged Carpet

Carpet damaged by bleech.

Carpet damaged by Iron

Carpet burned by clothing iron

Carpet burned by clothing iron can be repaired.

Frayed Carpet Edge can be repaired.

Carpet edge frayed.

Carpet Frayed or Loose at Tile can be repaired.

Carpet Frayed/Loose at tile.

Carpet frayed and loose at tile.

Carpet Patch

Carpet Patch

Carpet Being Patched.

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