Carpet and Flooring FAQ's

Answers to the most common questions...

Q. Do you give estimates?

A. Yes. CALL Mike with your accurate room dimensions and he will gladly give you an estimate.

Q. Do you measure?

A. To save even more, we recommend that you measure yourself. If you have a complex floor plan, odd shaped rooms,  are disabled, elderly or otherwise unable to measure then we will recommend a measuring service who will charge a minimal fee, usually around $25 to $45. Tell Mike that you hired a recommended measuring service at the time of purchase and get a rebate. Our philosophy is and has been to give you the best value we can, while keeping the quality of our products and service, one of the very best in our market.

Q. How do I measure for carpet?

A. Make a rough sketch of the floor-plan, measure the width and length of each room and write the dimensions on your floor-plan. Don't forget the closets and hallway. For stairs, measure the width of each step and count how many steps.

Q. Do you install?

A. I am a retired installer and repair technician so of course I know the very best installers that I recommend as part of the service you get when you choose Amigo's.

Q. Do the installers you recommend give a guarantee?

A. Yes, all the installers Amigo's recommend give a 1 year warranty on their workmanship.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. If you are installing your materials yourself or if your installer cannot pick up your materials then we will refer a delivery service to you. If you are having your carpet installed by a professional, most installers will pick up and deliver your materials at no extra charge. Hardwood, Laminate and artificial grass delivery depends on the installer. Some will deliver for free and others will charge.


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