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Hardwood Floors. Get a taste of the selection of Hardwood Floors at Amigo's. Check out video starring consumer advocate, Alan Mendelson from the Best Buys TV show and hear what he has to say about Hardwood Floors at Amigo's Carpet and Flooring...

This is a warehouse with TONS of choices. My wife and I are building a new house and we really looked around and found this place. We ended up picking real wood for our house for far cheaper than the other places we looked at. I chose one of the recommended installers and was very happy with the job they did. I would definitely recommend Amigo’s. It’s cheap and the quality is just great! Check this place out!
— Tim A. Los Angeles, Ca.

When you want the confidence in knowing you made the right choice of Hardwood Flooring and found it at a great price...

Received very friendly service from Mike and lots to choose from on carpet and flooring. Mike has installers that are professional and very reasonable. Mike knows his stuff and will take the time to discuss good quality product verses poor.

Bought our carpet and hardwood flooring here with no regrets.

Highly recommend Amigo’s
— Kurt B. Newhall, Ca.

Lowest prices EVER... Amigo's Carpet & Flooring  !

Lowest prices EVER... Amigo's Carpet & Flooring!

Get great Hardwood Flooring at Amigo's in North Hollywood

  • New Hardwood Flooring at Discounted Prices-I will work with you and your budget.

  • Low End to High End Quality Hardwood Flooring

  • Any Quantity

  • Enough for a whole house or only one room

  • Designer Hardwood Styles

  • Hardwood for your event

  • Great colors

  • Perfect floor for your studio

  • or for your film shoot

  • Cash and Carry

  • Installer Referrals

Hardwood floors has so many advantages over other flooring types. You can change the color of your hardwood floor after it is installed. It is the only flooring type that can be refinished  and made to look brand new again. When you want a timeless classic look there is nothing like the look and beauty of a real hardwood floor.

In short, Hardwood flooring is a important investment for your home. I will help you by giving you the useful information you need to choose the right hardwood flooring for your home.


Hardwood Floors

  • Discounted Prices-I will work with you and your budget.

  • Wide Plank

  • European Oak

  • Wire Brushed

  • Distressed

  • Hand Scrapped

  • Acacia, Bamboo, Birch, Brazilian Cherry, Cherry ,Hickory, Ipe, Hevea, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Teak, Royal Taun and more.

  • Engineered Hardwood

  • Solid Hardwood

  • Huge Selection

  • Worth the Drive

I think the number one reason our customers choose us over the others is because they trust me because they know I truly care...
If you ar looking to put in new flooring look no further. Call Mike at Amigo’s he will hook you up! I really mean it. He even called me the next day to see how everything went with the installation. His installation guys rock as well!

Very happy customer,

— Sharon G. Los Angeles, Ca.

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Amigo's Carpet & Flooring in North Hollywood.

Amigo's Carpet & Flooring in North Hollywood.