Laminate Flooring FAQ's

Q. There have been recent concerns about the safety of some Laminate Floors. Do the floors that Amigo's comply with California Air Resource Board requirements?

A. Our laminate flooring manufacturers have certificates available, certifying that their products comply with CARB II requirements.  Some manufactures have the certificates posted on their websites and some place a copy in the laminate flooring box.

Q. Is Laminate flooring good for Kitchens or Bathrooms?

A. Balterio European Laminate Flooring has a 12% higher density core than other laminates and virtually double the density of Chinese laminates and thus are more water resistant and suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Q. Can you seal the edges of a laminate floor to make them virtually water proof?

A. Yes, you can use "Click Seal" . Click Seal is a laminate flooring sealer which comes in a tube. You seal the edges of the tongue and groove during installation which protects your floor from moisture.

Laminate Flooring Costs

Q. How much is your Laminate flooring?

A.  The cost of Laminate flooring depends on the quality and quantity you purchase. We try to have a range of qualities of Laminate flooring to meet your needs. In general:

  • European Laminate from $2.89 sf (w/Padding)

Q. How much does it cost to install Laminate Flooring?

A. Although it can be quite expensive to have your Laminate flooring installed professionally, cutting corners on such an important investment for your home can end up being very costly. I am very proud of the installers we recommend. They are the type of people I would want in my own home or recommend to my mother. The very rare type who truly care about you and the work that they do. They do not cut corners and the reviews, comments, calls, letters and most importantly, the referrals we get from our customers tells us we got it right. They also give special rates for Amigo's customers. Figure from $1.50 sf to $1.75 per square foot for basic installation, depending on the installer and the job (subject to minimum charge).

Q. What other costs can I expect to pay in addition to the "Basic" installation of my Laminate flooring?

A. The basic installation price does NOT include:

  • Moving furniture

  • Removing or hauling away the old flooring

  • Floor prep

  • Floor Leveling

  • Transitional or wall molding's

  • Installing Stairs

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