Laminate Flooring: Complete Buyers Guide-(UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

The popularity of European Laminate Flooring has soared due to it's beauty, durability, ease of installation and relatively low cost compared to other flooring types.  However, because of the demand for even lower cost Laminate Flooring, Chinese manufactures have sprung up by the dozens and some are very poor quality. Here is what you need to know so you don't fall into a very high hidden cost of re-doing mistakes.

Is Laminate Flooring right for me?

Which Laminate manufacture is best for me?

Which style Laminate flooring will fit my lifestyle?

How much does Laminate Flooring cost?

What is the Best Laminate Floor store in Los Angeles?

When you need to do before you order your Laminate Floor?

Is there formaldehyde in laminate flooring?

Can you Return Laminate flooring?

What is the Laminate Floor Warranties about?



Is Laminate Flooring right for me?

Find out by asking yourself these questions... and match the right laminate for the job.

  • Is the laminate floor for my home or for a rental?
  • Which rooms in my home am I considering a laminate floor?
  • How many adults, children and pets will be living with me? How many grandchildren, pets will be visiting me?
  • What is the my home value?
  • What can I afford?
  • Do I plan on selling my home anytime soon?
  • Is it likely that other homes in my neighborhood also have laminate floors?

Is the laminate floor for my home or for a rental?

You might be thinking arent they all the same? NO! Just like there is a difference between haircuts, beef, water, homes and everything else, there are Excellent laminated, Good laminates and poor laminate flooring. The best advice. Get the best laminate you can afford for your project. For your home, consider a Europen Laminate floor like Balterio Laminate, made in Belgium. If your can't afforn a european laminate for your rental get one of the better Chinese laminates.

Which rooms in my home am I considering a laminate floor?

Although there are laminate flooring that can be used for kitchens and bathrooms, most Chinese laminates are not.

Avoid Common Laminate Flooring mistakes that can cost you thousands.

Here are some of the top laminate flooring mistakes and what to do to avoid them.

  • Choosing Laminate flooring when I should have chosen Hardwood Flooring or carpet.
  • Making a purchasing decision based on low price
  • Buying cheap quality Chinese Laminate
  • Not getting a quality pad underlayment
  • In general, get the best quality Laminate Flooring  you can afford
  • European Laminate Flooring is the superior quality.
  • Failure to get a few extra boxes to keep in the garage for future alterations and repairs.
  • Purchasing online instead of your local specialty flooring retailer.