Red Carpet for your event. Check out video starring consumer advocate, Alan Mendelson from the Best Buys TV show and hear what he has to say about Red Carpet Remnants and Rolls at Amigo's Carpet Flooring in North Hollywood, Ca...

Red Carpet has been used since the 4th century B.C, when the prevailing thoughts for the time were that only God's can walk upon such luxury as a Red Carpet. Red Carpet was rolled out to greet President James Monroe in 1821. The phrase "Red Carpet Treatment" is believed to be first used by the New York Central Railroad in the early 20th Century.

Since then, the film industry famously use "Red Carpet" to sensationalize the arrival of celebrity actors and is known as a place where the media will interview the actors prior to the main event.

Today, Red Carpet is used to highlight the importance of other events such as weddings, business Grand Openings, awards shows and anything where you really want to make a grand statement.

Red Carpet

  • Red Carpet Rolls and Remnants in stock

  • Edges can be bound for a finished look

  • Fast turn-around time

  • Delivery available

Uses for Red Carpet

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Weddings

  • Business Grand Openings

  • Business Conventions

  • Any type of event when you really want to make a statement